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School of Visual Arts Yearbook


Senior Designers: Shantanu Sharma, Mo Hinojosa, Aisha Lopez, Dylan Cramer, Zona Guan
Art Director: Joe Newton
Production Lead: Adam Wahler

Photography: Saumya Sharma
A mark is something we make, binding us together. From making friends to making connections, decisions, mistakes- to taking whatever comes our way
and then making it work, making it up, or even just making it on time. The SVA experience has made a mark on us. We created a yearbook for the graduating class of 2021. A yearbook that reflects everyone’s individual creative mark, celebrating the class’ diversity in thought, creation, and people. The book is
an homage to everyone’s unique identity.

The book also features custom sticker superlatives that students could peel off and stick next to the person who they thought fit the description based on their own journey in the last few years at SVA.