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Corona Natural Billboard


Creative Directors: Dan Viens and Josh Bogdan
Design Director: Patrick Nistler
Designer: Shantanu Sharma
Produced with Sketch Events

Corona is world-famous for being a beer that’s best enjoyed outside, in nature. To build on this natural positioning, Corona launched a campaign with a simple message: Made from the natural world, with 100% natural ingredients. The problem is, people are bombarded with marketing messages about better ingredients every day. And Corona has never been one to shout for attention. So in order to stand out from all that noise, we let nature do the talking for us.

1000 hours went into creating a billboard that was 100% natural. We channeled the sun’s movements, shadow, and local plant life to create an out-of-home installation on the Brighton boardwalk.

Working with a variable like the sun required complicated math and pinpoint precision. Months of measurements were taken in order to find the perfect location, angles, and orientation of the billboard. Only then could we cast shadows in the right direction. From there, we used greenery native to Brighton, the UK’s most eco-friendly city, to create the bottle’s silhouette and copy. As the sun moved lower in the sky, the board acted like a sundial with the bottle’s silhouette. During golden hour, the iconic Corona bottle slowly drifted on and off the billboard, building suspense and stopping boardwalk-goers in their tracks. In the end, we had a billboard just as natural as our beer.

One Show - Out of Home Billboards & Transit - Single - Merit
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